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Smart vs Retail 25-02

Overall Position changes.

Today’s positions are a bit tricky to read when looked at from the perspective of day-to-day changes being an expiry day.

The critical points here is FII’s are holding 64k longs at the start of the series which is on higher side but nothing concrete can be concluded from this so our focus should be on the data from the tool where this OI is added.

From the data of futures addition not much interest is visible either in NF or BNF as of today so we might be rangebound for some time look for One time framing to stop in the tomorrow’s trade if it happens then we can expect a week of consolidation.

Significant positions in #NIFTY

1.5 Million shorts added at an avg price of 15189 – As per correlation this might be from retail as FIIs have increased longs

14k Contracts total addition in 15100CE and important price reference for the near term is Rs.195.

13k contracts total addition in 15100 PE and key price reference is Rs.137

4k contracts addition in monthly 15k PE at 275-285. Also some big positions got added in deep ITM of 11500,12000 strikes need to track these in case of sudden crash if at all happens.

Significant positions in #BANKNIFTY

132k shorts addition in futures at avg of 36827 price – Possibly from retail.

Positions in 37000PE and 35000CE important to track on the weekly expiry.

Positions in 36500PE and 34000CE important to track on the monthly expiry.

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