Crossovers – Getting Started

We are glad to introduce crossovers feature on the platform effective tomorrow. For people who are new , this feature allows you to plot intraday oi changes two strike prices one from CE side and the other from PE side. For example you can plot Banknifty 30000 CE/PE intraday oi change in a single chart […]

Open interest basics Option chain

Decode the Live option chain

We have discussed about the concept of open interest from basics to advanced through our posts on different concepts relating to the same and also discussed about participant wise open interest report. Read all those earlier posts to get a good understanding of the concept of open interest. In this post our main focus is […]

Institutional Activity

Participant-OI data How to use it practically?

In our previous post we have discussed on how would you read the report on Participant-OI data that is released by the exchange. In this post we would like to give you an idea on if the data from this report can be directly applied to your day trading. To start with, let’s ask this […]

Open interest basics

Options OI basics

The open interest in options is a bit different in its interpretation part just because the inherent nature of the option instruments in terms of time decay and volatility cool off puts option sellers at an advantage if they have big enough capital to play with and take advantage of these factors to their side. […]