Bank Nifty – ΔOI analysis

After a long time, we are back with a post analyzing the bank nifty’s movement and the way Δ OI could help you trade the big moves. See below the Δ OI data for 28th April 2020 with key quantities and prices marked divided into time-slots. Here’s the activity of first 1.5 hours If you […]

Crossover OIAnalytics

BANKNIFTY Example – Crossover

Today we are writing our first example for the crossovers feature and this example is from Bank Nifty. As mentioned in the initial post, Crossovers help you assess if a support is going to hold or it’s going to be broken and we detail today’s case here. Bank nifty had a support around 30730-830 zone […]

OIAnalytics ΔOI

Bank nifty Beast – ΔOI example

Today was the historic budget day in indian markets and here we present the Δ OI example on Bank nifty on this most historic day to help you understand the usability of this data in giving you a trading edge. We have already explained earlier through an example in nifty on how to analyze the […]