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ΔOI – Curious case of Idea

In our last post we have given you the key steps to be followed for identifying a trading opportunity with the Δ OI data, here is an example which presents you one more example which ran up 36% in 2 days from the entry price of the big money.

Identify the big money : We have identified on 17th Jan per the data below

Those bottom 3 green boxes totaling to ~4 crore shares or 9% of cumulative OI

Price behaviour confirmation post that indicated these longs are actually playing out

In addition to this no equal opposing force was seen during this consolidation.

And the result is a 36% run-up from the entry price of 4.25 until 6.00 in two days.

Now you would want to ask us how do i know that somebody is going long on idea at that point in time?

Well at this point it’s your hard work and screen time in identifying these, but in few days we plan to add a screener to identify these for you. All we need from you is some time and patience leave the rest to us to get the screener up (timeline can’t be committed now) and until then keep scanning and spotting the big money and post that on our twitter handle if you spot any stock where you spot big money it will be fun for others to track it and get benefited.

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