Data Trends

NIFTY – For 30th August 2021

Important references from Marketprofile to track.

16722F – Single print selling area from 25/8

16602F – Single print buying area from 27/8

16428F – Single print buying area from 20/8

16573F– PBL from 27/8

Note: When market tests these levels and show the expected behaviour i.e. holding a support or not crossing a resistance that combined with a datapoint becomes a valid trigger for a trade.

Important references from Open Interest data to track

16605F – Trapped CE sellers from 27/8

16680-16690F CE selling from 26/8

Note : These references are from the open interest data and data across the strikes from current weekly expiry is considered for these references.

Call and Put Activity of 27th August 2021

Open of today was within the previous day’s range and NF tested VPOC from 24/08 from where the single print buying emerged which led to a rally higher into the close almost at the previous single print selling area of 16722F.

At the moment from the current weekly expiry data only CE writers are visible to be dominating but not in control. This can mean two things 1. Explosive upmove 2. if no momentum is seen on upside then full retracement of the move.

Levels to be held by bulls are the previous supply zone of 16720-16745F

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