Data Trends

Nifty – For 20th Sep 2021

Important references from Marketprofile to track.

16842F – Single print buying area from 30/8

16926F – Single print buying area from 31/8

17033F – vwap of trend day from 31/8

17154F – PBH from 2/9

17220F – PBL from 3/9

17472F – VWAP of trend day from 8/9

17718-735F – Extension handle selling of 17/9

Note: When market tests these levels and show the expected behaviour i.e. holding a support or not crossing a resistance that combined with a datapoint becomes a valid trigger for a trade.

Important references from Open Interest data to track

17735F levels is where call sellers started taking control and will be the short term resistance to watchout. Staying below 17594F is not a favorable environment for buy on dips.

Note : These references are from the open interest data and data across the strikes from current weekly expiry is considered for these references.

Call and Put Activity of 17th September 2021

Day started on a good positive note and had an opening drive towards the 17800 mark and Nifty has sold off big after testing that and has seen good call writers domination from 17735F levels and even near day lows.

So call writers might try to prevent further upside > 17735F in Nifty at monday’s opening.

If at all we don’t show weakness in NF at the opening on monday then possibility of consolidation around 17700F is a bit higher. Bears if they want to have momentum need to hold it below 17598F.

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