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Late Lateef Weekly update 1

In this post we will discuss about the live examples from the week that’s gone by and how they warranted an awesome opportunity.

Before we go ahead just recall what has been discussed on the main post to refresh on the concepts.

Day 1 – Friday 4th March 2022

Market activity in the first hour – Nifty opened gap down of 250 points and continued lower further by 100 points.

When we made a day low around 11AM 16200CE just had heavy writers of 328k and 338k around that time.

After this addition the market stopped going lower and started showing strength. and from there we had a 300 point rally.

Also see the chart below of 16200CE to see how it behaved after these additions.

This is not just a one-off example but there are multiple during this week like 15700CE on 8th March 2022, 17000PE on 10th March 2022.

Comment any of your questions or doubts below so that we can clarify.

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This happens only when there are too many intraday shorts when option strike prices are ranging in 200 to 300. They keep building shorts and then suddenly reversal.

In this case can we take the last short which was build s reference or stops gor Longs if crosses

Preferably the last short should be the day’s highest change in OI in comparision to all the previous records uptil that time.

Having said that it’s preferable to select strikes with not much addition in the early part of the day but sees a spurt later in the day which are usually ITM strikes at the start of the day.

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