Data Trends

BankNifty – For 20th August 2021

Important References from Marketprofile

36,276F – Single Print selling area – Previous Resistance where PE writers failed.

35244-287F – VPOC and buying singles from 3/8.

Important References from Open interest data

36145F-36070F – Zone where PE writers failed from 18/8

35964-994F – Zone where PE writers failed from 18/8

Calls vs Puts Activity from 18th August 2021

BNF has opened near the resistance zone of 36275F and rejected for yet another time and has moved down till the support 35885F where it has witnessed fresh call writing which made a case for a lower move and it tested the previous buyers singles strength.

There are a set of PE writers who has failed when BNF was trading at highs and BNF can be weak until those writers take exit.

36255F still remains the level where siginificant short covering could unfold for BNF and new resistance now is 35964F-35996F.

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