Data Trends

BANKNIFTY – For 16th August 2021

Important References from Marketprofile

36,276F – Single Print selling area – Previous Resistance where PE writers failed.

35960F-36000F – Support.

35,628F – Single Print Buying area – Support


Important References from Open interest data

35870F-35960F – Place where call buying + Put selling happened.

Calls vs Puts Activity from 13th August 2021

BNF opened within previous day’s range and has moved up a bit but couldn’t scale above the resistance of 36276F and later had a drop towards 35960F where it stalled the down move and later tookout day high.

At the opening BNF has witnessed both side OI addition in equal weights unlike NF this led to underperformance in BNF.

There is no one sided option writing in BNF on 13/8 hence it is expected to open flat and stay in a range on Monday.

It has to open > 36395 for a gap and directional move can follow if sustains the gap at the opening.

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