Data Trends

BankNifty – For 13th August 2021

Important References from Marketprofile

36,276F – Single Print selling area – Resistance where PE writers failed.

35868F – Support.

35,628F – Single Print Buying area – Support

Important References from Open interest data

35870F – Place where call buying + Put selling might have happened if there is an uptrend in place.

Calls vs Puts Activity from 12th August 2021

BNF opened a bit lower and got rejected from the area of resistance of call writers mentioned in yesterday’s report and has consolidated for the rest of the day in a narrow range.

Next week expiry options have not seen much OI additions today so we would be wathcing for fresh data points going into tomorrow’s trade.

However the level of 35868F is an important reference both from data and Marketprofile.

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