Data Trends

Bank Nifty – For 27th Sep 2021

Important References from Marketprofile

Levels are from October Futures

38148F – Single print selling area

37596F – Single print buying area.

36576F – vwap of uptrending day.

Important References from Open interest data

No Clear one side dominating writers visible which indicates a good trending move in the last week of the month.

Calls vs Puts Activity from 24th September 2021

BNF has openend higher and had a opening drive up which was met with selling at the previous single print selling area which was also a FA from 17/09. This particular rejection tells us that BNF is again losing strength after hitting the previous ATH levels.

Not much one sided writing is seen overall but good CE writing appeared in individual strikes like 38000CE.

Overall the failure to test the FA in T+5 can make things ugly from here for BNF, Bulls if want a breath should first clear that FA.

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