Crossovers – Getting Started

We are glad to introduce crossovers feature on the platform effective tomorrow.

For people who are new , this feature allows you to plot intraday oi changes two strike prices one from CE side and the other from PE side.

For example you can plot Banknifty 30000 CE/PE intraday oi change in a single chart as seen below.

We know it’s not just same strike that you want to monitor all the times, so we have included an option to select the strike of your choice for flexibility.

One interesting thing you can do is track the OI changes in PE Strike near the support and CE Strike near to resistance all in one chart and you can see the trend of the oi change from the start of the day.

This feature covers the immediate weekly expiry options of both nifty and banknifty.

One more thing worth mention is that this feature is also useful in telling you if a particular strike will be crossed.

For example say nifty is trading around 11690, for it to cross 11700 successfully the put writers should take over and call writers should run for cover. So you can closely track that strike oi changes in this chart.

This applies to holding the support level similar to taking out the resistance level.

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